Instructions for the Authors

If a paper proposal is accepted for presentation at GEOINFO 2023, the author (or at least one of the authors for a multi-authored paper) is expected to attend.

Oral Presentation

The oral presentations are 20 minutes long, which may not be exceeded: 15 minutes of presentation and five minutes for Q&A.

We suggest that you prepare around 10 (maximum 15) slides, including the introduction and end slide.

For the sake of non-Portuguese speakers in the audience, we suggest the slides be in English. Presenters can choose to speak in English or Portuguese.

Conference monitors will receive your presentation on memory sticks before your session. Make sure to have it ready.

There is no template for presentations; we suggest that you include the symposium logo on your first slide.


Posters will be displayed in one-hour sessions. The author should be available for comments and questions from the attendees.

The poster should be 90cm (width) x 120cm (height).

Conference monitors will indicate the location of your poster before your session. Make sure to have it printed and ready.

Posters should be prepared in the same language as the accepted work.

Here is a suggested template for the poster: Geoinfo_poster_tpl.odp and Geoinfo_poster_tpl.pptx. However, authors are free to use any other design, as long as it fits the 90 cm x 120 cm size.

GEOINFO 2023 offers support for you to hang your poster, as shown in the picture below. You should provide a poster with a string to hang.

Poster example