Preliminary Program

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Day 1 - November 29, 2021

8:00-8:30 Opening Session

Welcome speech from INPE: Dr. Luiz Eduardo O. C. Aragão
Head of Earth Observation and Geoinformatics - DIOTG/INPE

Welcome and Logistics: GEOINFO 2021 Organizing Committee


Tech Session 1: Geoespatial Data Management
Chair: Karine Ferreira (INPE)

  • P55 - SAFmaps: the WebGIS for sustainability assessment of aviation biofuels in Brazil,M. M. Guarenghi, J. L. Santos, A. Walter, J. V. Rocha, J. E. A. Seabra, N. D. B. Vieira and D. Damame
  • P66 - Spatial Data Handling in NoSQL Databases: A User-centric View, H. Gonçalves and A. C. Carniel
  • P59 - Gerenciamento de dados geográficos no Projeto Brumadinho UFMG, I. Santana, M. Pinheiro, L. Nicolau and C. Davis Junior
9:30-9:40 Short Break

Tech Session 2: Forest Fires
Chair: Liana Anderson (CEMADEM)

  • P39 - Lightning-induced wildfire in Serra do Cipó National Park,V. S. and M. A. Barros
  • P45 - Modeling the fire susceptibility in forestry areas using spatial metrics and logistic regression, F. N. Souza, R. G. Negri, V. L. S. Gino and L. Z. Maselli
  • P29 - Analysis of environmental conditions in Serra do Cipó as an appliance to oppose forest fires, G. Martins, F. Morelli, M. Macul and P. Cunha
10:40-10:50 Short Break

Tech Session 3: Disasters
Chair: Leonardo Santos (CEMADEN)

  • P30 - Shalstab and TRIGRS: Comparison of Two Models for the Identification of Landslide-prone Areas,T. Konig, H. Kux and A. Corsi
  • P61 - Study on changing trends in climatic extremes in the Brazilian territory, F. Coelho, M. Pereira, C. Davis Junior, N. Silva and T. Silva
  • P26 - Occurrence of Marine Heatwaves along the Northeastern Brazilian coast during 2002 - 2020, G. L. X. Silva, L. M. J. Gomes, M. Kampel and D. F. M. Gherardi
11:50 - 12:00 Short Break
12:00 - 13:00

Keynote Talk
The Copernicus Climate Data Store,
Dr. Baudouin Raoult, ECMWF

Chair: Lubia Vinhas (INPE)

Day 2 - November 30, 2021


Tech Session 4: Vegetation
Chair: Silvana Amaral (INPE)

  • P41 - Effects of landscape fragmentation in the Protected Area of the Parque Estadual de Campos do Jordão, SP, I. J. M. Ferreira, D. C. Cantador, L. E. O. C. Aragão and L. K. Nagy
  • P46 - Análise da concordancia entre dados de degradação florestal DETER e JRC-TMF no municápio de São Félix do Xingu, PA
    A. Jacon, M. I. S. Escada, R. Dalagnol and L. S. Galvão
  • P49 - Estrutura urbana na Amazônia paraense a partir de três fontes de dados espaciais
    J. Cortes, J. D. A. and A. DAntona
9:00-9:10 Short Break

Tech Session 5: Mapping
Chair: Silvana P. Camboim (UFPR)

  • P23 - TopoGeo: a data model for elaboration of cadastral survey plans and land register documents,L. França, J. Pinheiro, J. Passos and J. Portugal
  • P53- Development of a methodology for generating 3D SDIs for sanitation - Case study in Vitória-ES, K. M. Vestena, N. D. Antonio, G. Padilha, C. V. C. Molina, A. M. A. Teixeira and S. P. Camboim
  • P58 - Detection of spikes in single-beam bathymetry data, K. B. Pinheiro, G. G. Lana, L. C. de Andrade and I. O. Ferreira"
10:10-10:20 Short Break

Tech Session 6: Spatiotemporal dynamics
Chair: Alzir F. B. Antunes (UFPR)

  • P62 - Anomaly detection based method for spatio-temporal dynamics mapping,V. L. S. Gino, F. N. Souza and R. G. Negri
  • P81 - Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Goronyo Reservoir Sokoto, Nigeria Using Remote Sensing, A. A. Bello and A. A. Sani
  • P73 - Utilizando o padrão SpatioTemporal Asset Catalog para visualização de dados, T. Medeiros, B. Santos, G. Oliveira, T. S. Korting and G. R. Queiroz
11:20 - 11:30 Short Break

Tech Session 7: Geodesy and Geoinformatics
Chair: Ana Paula Larocca (USP)

  • P10 - A Meta-classifier Approach for Outlier Identification in Geodetic Networks,S. Suraci, R. Goldschmidt, L. Oliveira and I. Klein
  • P35 - Comparação da componente vertical GNSS determinada pelas soluções do SIRGAS e do NGL para propósitos de análise da variação do nível do mar em Imbituba-SC, S. Giehl, R. Dalazoana and T. A. Santana
12:00 - 13:00

Keynote Talk
Geospatial data on the web (in the era of REST, JSON and OpenAPI)
Dr. Joana Simoes, OGC

Chair: Clodoveu Davis-Jr (UFMG)

Day 3 - December 01, 2021


Tech Session 8: Spatial Analysis
Chair: Jorge A. P. de Campos (UNIFACS)

  • P52 - Towards an Analytical and Operational Trajectory Framework, D. R. .Almeida, A. B. Oliveira, S. P. Vasconcelos, F. Andrade and C. S. Baptista
  • P79 - IBGE Statistical Grid in Compact Representation
    P. P. Krauss, T. J. and L. F. B. Cunha

Tech Session 9: Agriculture
Chair: Marcos Adami

  • P47 - Evaluating a Self-Organizing Map approach to cluster a Brazilian agricultural diversity spatial panel data,M. A. S. Silva, L. N. Matos, F. E. O. Santos, F. Rodrigues Moura and M. H. G. Dompieri
  • P48 - Characterization of Center Pivot Irrigation Systems in the Irecê-Bahia Agricultural Region, P. Simoes, M. Sousa Junior, T. Hoffmann, L. Fonseca, S. Sant'Anna, Y. Shimabukuro and H. Bendini
  • P64 - ‘Do Pasto ao Prato’: a citizen science initiative to (m)app the supply chain of animal products within Brazil, E. Ermgassen, V. Ribeiro and P. Meyfroidt
10:10-10:15 Short Break

Tech Session 10: Water
Chair: Jorge Centeno (UFPR)

  • P38 - Mapping irrigated rice using MSI/Sentinel-2 time series of vegetation indices and Random Forest,J. A. Araújo, A. H. L. Freire, R. Dalagnol and L. S. Galvão
  • P72 - Classification of the water volume of dams using heterogeneous remote sensing images through a deep convolutional neural network, M. S. Miranda, R. S. Maximiano, V. A. Santiago Junior, T. S. Korting and L. M. G. Fonseca
  • P4 - A Framework for the Generation of the Rainwater Flow Model in Streets, P. Guimarães, M. Pereira, E. Teixeira and C. Davis Junior
11:15 - 11:30 Short Break

Tech Session 11: Data Cubes
Chair: A. Miguel V. Monteiro

  • P3 - Brazil Data Cube Cloud Coverage (BDC3),T. Lima, R. Marques, U. Sutil, C. Almeida, C. Barbosa, T. S. Korting and G. R. Queiroz
  • P78 - Amostragem com Base no Serviço WLTS e WTSS do Brazil Data Cube (BDC), E. A. A. Carnaúba and B. Rocha
12:00 - 13:00

Keynote Talk
Photogrammetry Meets Proximal Remote Sensing
Dr. Antonio Tommaselli, UNESP

Chair: Alan Salomão (INPE)

Day 4 - December 02, 2021


Software Demo Session - Chair: Alan Salomão

  • P24 - Basic PostGIS Database Management Operations in QGIS with LF Tools Plugin, TL. França
  • P57 - NodeGIS: Simplificando o Desenvolvimento de Aplicações Web de Geoprocessamento, M. Cunha; C. Baptista

Lightning Talks Session - Chair: Lubia Vinhas

10:00-10:10 Short Break
10:10-10:40 Closing Session
10:40-11:30 Reunião da Comissão Especial de Geoinformatica SBC
Reunião do Conselho Gestor do GEOINFO